Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday Daylies | The Treatment The Revised Edition

Hi guys and girls the daylies are ready. The revised treatment is here. I am currently drilling out the final script as I wanted to makes sure people understood the plot and trailer. I added dialogue and change some minor bits. Please comment and be constructive so i can brush it up for Storyboard and animatic tomorrow. The Dialogue I want to talk to Jonno on if you don't mind  as I enjoy your scripted previously.

Treament on the Feliz 2

Hey guys also had another look for a logo this was anotherr Idea I fixed up. It using a symbol as requested. What the verdict?

Logo Idea

I came across a picture of "the big bang" and I think we may be able to use it, I used it on Dorian's pic and it clearly looks like a burst of something~

Animatic - First Attempt

The Woman on Los Feliz (WIP) from Jonathan Pearmain on Vimeo.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dorian Resolved Profile Picture

Art Direction

I was looking at one of the blacksad pictures along with one from an artist on DA called Cleyf, and I was interested in the kind of colouring they used and I realised its watercolour!

So I've downloaded a couple of watercolour brushes

Along with various watercolour textures to make a good background. If this works the characters and environment would have to be done in this manner.

These are the Backgrounds I've made for the art Direction style, I've also used it in my latest Profile picture (of which more are to come very soon)

Ver 1

Ver 2
 These are the original photos I used so you can make your own textures form these as well which will definitely fit with how the chars are drawn/coloured.

Sunday Daily post

There is more to come as my deadline for today is to have some resolved characters and i will have finished concepts for each char.

In the meantime I went back and fixed the neck to waist issue on the cpl picture and tried adding colour.
The colours work however I realise that I don't really have a set colouring style for this one at the moment so I'm finding the shading and other extra details a little bit tricky with this lack of direction, so I'm going to find some examples I can use.

If you guys like a certain colouring style on something and think it would work let me know please!
(otherwise I think I may need someone to colour it instead)

My Sunday Day Daylies

Evening Boys and Girls

 I have been thoroughly looking for a design for our brandings and I have some images I have put together. As for the script i am half way through so stay posted for when it come sup it will be abit later.

Daylies - 30/10/11 - Jonathan

Here's my sketches from Sunday. These are more of a creative dump, trying to get cliche and things out of my head. I'm at a thumbnail stage at the moment, but today I plan to try and take these forward into some more detailed sketches.

Following the idea behind the character design, The buildings are defined as basic shapes, with solid, uncomplicated outlines. Within these shapes though, thinner lines begin to pick out detail and form. There's a lot to play with in terms of themes, to reflect the idea of flawed perfection or reality within reality. Since this is a fictional world created by him, it is a cliche, naive creation of a noir world, a ideal one. Detail within detail can represent the idea of worlds within worlds, and the over stylization can point to the ficticious nature of the environment.

Also, Jonny, sorry to sound a bit harsh, but that logo development is hardly 'thorough'... here's the same thing made in 10 mins:

It's some font, with some colour, with a lens flare... A logo needs to be a typifying, solid image that captures our studio.

Daily Post Sammy Sketchs

I personally like the middle face for sammy

I was experimenting with lanky poses I got it on the lower right picture I think. Bottom right Andi tried to help me with such poses she also told me to look at Jasper and Horice as good lanky villains. 

the shooting pose and the one at the upper left corner are my favourite mainly because it shows his cocky personality.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Centrifugal Studio Logo Ideas

Incredibly Relative to our plot

The Woman on Los Feliz - A Clarification

It was a long day, but we ended the day with a group-created step-outline that we feel properly conveys our intention. This is then for Jonny to write up as a script and take to storyboarding.


Who Are Centrifugal Studio?

The results of today's fantastic meeting!


*Daily Post* Dorian Sketches

Revisiting Dorian's look after using Blacksad as a permanent reference.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Revised Script: The Woman on Los Feliz

Script Ideas the Woman on Los Feliz 28 Oct 2011

*Pitch Talk with Alan*

After our pitch I was confused about what Alan had meant about disliking the style so I went to speak shortly after.

Alan explained to me that he was talking about the Environment compared to the Characters created they didn't look like they could fit.

He said Dorian and Mave in the last picture together look better suited as Dorian looks like graphic Novel  style and Mave looked more Olive Oil.

He said he really liked our final design for our characters

The only thing he wants me to do is shorten her neck, widen her waist then they would look perfect if I keep drawing them like this.

He noted that the rules I use to make the characters need to be transfered to their enviroment, car, cafe etc. That way the environment will fit in with the characters.  (which included having things like her "floating beads" on tables and chairs" and cars can have little beads/ circles).

So Good news is characters are good in that Graphic Novel style. Just need to make environment match them. 

After knowing that everything is ok (with a cpl of tweaking) I feel confident that this is going to go much better.

I will talk to you guys about this the next time I see you but personally I would like to know:

- How you Jonno would feel about doing The environment in this style "Graphic Novel ish)
- How would you Jonny feel about doing the majority of the written work/ modelling the sets? 
- And Jonno modelling chars (with me)/ The taxi/building

I had a great idea after talking to my dad which may beable to fill in the blanks that were there at the pitch. so I may have the basics up by tomorrow!

Second Environment | The Street

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My First Environment | Cafe

The Woman on Los Feliz Poster/ Wallpaper

Revised Treatment

Revised Treament on the Feliz

Dorian Wallpaper Version 1 - 4

ver 1 

Ver 2

Ver 3

Ver 4

Looking Hawt!

Having a bit of a play with Lyn-Dae design for Dorian Dayle!

Dorian in Progress

Revised Screenplay

Using Jonny's descriptive and detailed treatment, and today's discussion, I've revised our script. I hope this is approaching a finished version!
The Woman on Los Feliz - Screenplay

Secondary Look At The Treatment

Treament on the Feliz

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Just made the perfect BG Paper!

I just made this and its great so use it :D

Good for character sketches/ environment sketches and presentation backgrounds

Font download

There are two Noir Fonts:

- Betty Noir

Just install and your ready to go.

Pitch awareness
I noticed that we need to have initial sketches for our environment and we haven't really started on it yet, who is   liking the idea of taking that on for tomorrow?

I like this style which does quite match the chars as well done by Atompancakes

I think the way they have formed everything is definitely something we should pursue as it is I'm going to (after I get the ok on Dorian and Sammy tomorrow) going to have a few shots of them in motion close up etc.
Check out their blog they've made it so simple~

Dorian Ver 2

What do you lot think I quite like where this is heading. (I think with a size comparison I'll make him taller than  Mave)

Did another body sketch I quite like the top right for his realistic self and the bottom left for his idealistic self, still chunky just more believable as a hero.

BG Paper

For presentation use~

Monday, 24 October 2011

The Attempt At The Treatment

Hey Guys putting together the treament over the weekend and been rading up on our blog. I have created a rouh draft of the treatment have a gander. Tell me what you thing.

The Treatment

Act One: Introduce Problem

Scene 1
Ext. Los Feliz Blvd – Night,
Opening Shot| a shaded figure - protagonist - appears under a streetlamp. The surrounding environment is 60% in darkness as the camera goes to a close-up of our protagonist lighting a cigar. The light from the cigar bounces off his face as he stares outwards – first look at Dorian Daye. (Sounds of heels against concrete can be heard) The protagonist turns away from camera. As it switches to a lady walking down the street in between two streetlamps. As she reaches the next streetlamp the camera goes to a close-up of female character Mave (slow motion imagery as the scene transition). The clip transition via white noise and you see an image of a slightly blooded room. Again white noise portrays the transition.

Scene 2
Int. Cafe – Midday,
After Transition, the camera focuses on Dorian reading the paper in a barely light cafe. The window is complete white from the light outside and makes the environment completely invisible to anyone inside the cafe. (The sound of high heels again can be head) as Mave walks past the window.  The camera goes to a close of Dorian as he stares in bewilderment and his head follows her across the window. The camera goes to an overshot of Dorian as he watches Mave go out of sight of the window. Clip transitions with white noise and shows a shadow figure in a door entrance of a house and white noise make a final transition to next scene.

Scene 3
Ext. Los Feliz Blvd – Night
Transition ends, camera has overshot of Dorian’s silhouette under street lamp as a car pulls into shot. Dorian walks forward and sticks his thumb up in a request for the Taxi to pull over.  The camera jumps to an over the shoulder shot of Dorian as the car pulls into shot and stops at the back window in view. As soon as the vehicle came to a complete stop, the window rolls down and Mave appears in the car. Camera goes to interior view of the taxi as Mave looks out of the car as Dorian’s face lean into shot of the cars window. Mave and Dorian converse quickly before Mave offers Dorian a ride. Camera goes back to pan shot of the car and Dorian as he walks around the back of the car and Mave winds up the window. As Dorian opens the car door on the other side the transition is initiated by white noise then an image of blood trickling across the floor is seen followed by another standard transition.

Scene 4
Int. Taxi – Late Night
Camera is focused on the pair as their position in a intimate way whilst as they converse with each other. The camera goes to outside shot of cab as it comes to a harsh stop. Returning to inside the cab we see the two characters lean forward due to force of the stop. Camera goes to a behind the head shot of Dorian as he peers into the front cabin of the car and goes to converse with the driver. The shadowed figure present in the front of the taxi turns and hits Dorian in the temple with what appears to be the handle of a revolver. We see Dorian fall out of picture (the contact of his body on the floor can be heard) the scene fades out as the shadow figure points the gun into the back (Mave’s screams can be heard)

Act Two

Scene 5
Int. Taxi – Morning
Camera focus on a mid-body shot of Dorian as he stirs awake. The camera goes to the left as he leans up giving a mid body side shot of Dorian as he looks around the empty cab. The light outside again blind viewer to environment as Dorian goes to open the light shines on his face showing him with a stern expression (hear him grunting) as he leans out of shot.

Scene 6
Ext. Alley – Late Night
Dorian is in a tussle with Sammy. They’re both holding each other in an army lock, swinging periodically a few punches. Camera switches to different shots as they stumble through the alley as they going to trash cans and rubbish bags alike. Camera goes to behind Dorian as he finally pins Sammy to the wall and gives him a right hook and send him falling. Camera goes to a floor shot as he tumbles to the ground as he falls through trash cans towards the camera. The camera transition, to a silhouette on a door which is has the crimson tag on it. The camera catches a leg from the bottom left smash through door before fading out.

Scene 7
Int. Gang Hideout – Late Night
Fade in, as camera left pans dingy basement the lights appear red and smoke is visible over an ash tray in a rounded alcove surrounded by gang members along the wall coming to a darkened stairway. Camera fades out and fades in to a shot over a figure right shoulder walking through the stairway to the red light room. The camera remains in this position as he pulls out of the stairwell and we see it’s Dorian. As he turns left he raises his Revolver and points at towards a stage. In result, gangs members stand up in different section of the room with weapons raised. The figure of a women tied to a chair is slightly visible due to the red light bouncing of her body. The action holds for a second as the woman lift her head an looks towards camera (Mave cries Dorian names) The images is cut finally by white noise.

Act 03

Scene 8
Int. Living Room – Late night
The camera begins to track back from the white noise. It appears to pass through glass and begins to see a border around the edge. As the camera continues retreating we see that the border is a TV and as the camera pans further back we see a framed poster of a woman above the TV – Mave in another movie. (We hear a phone ring and be picked up as two blokes converse) The camera now tracks back to show the room littered with rubbish, such as takeaway boxes and DVD on the floor. As we pan further out the camera begins to ascend as it hit the roof we see a figure sat in an armchair putting the phone down on the table beside him. Then seeing his head drop. Finally the camera goes towards the posters and as it closes in there a flash (a gunshot is heard). The poster is covered in a spray of blood and the camera track back to a different room with a body on the floor and at the bottom of the shot a shadow turns and walks away. Fades out finally to title sequence. 

This is a rough draft. I followed Jono's script but I edited it in some place not much however. Just liek to see how my vizulation panned up and may compare for a better story.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Dorian Dayle outfits

I quite like the first and second, though i like the coat on the 4th and 5th.
Which outfit do you guys prefer?