Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The first is a 3D film called "Film Noir".

What I like about this trailer is that what would of been written on screen is voiced by a detective/dated narrator, it creates the right kind of atmosphere.  Also, like "Sin city" they only highlight red.

This second one is called "Double Indemnity" (1944)

If we took abit of the plot of this one she could be a femme fatal, who murdered a couple in thier home and is trying to escape capture by making a man help her flee/get of the hook.

This trailer like the first also did not have much writing, mainly just a narrator.

Third Movie: Brick 2007

If we had a watered down version of this trailer that seems good to me, its about a missing girl (woman) can altar it to be more on a narrative version i.e. we see her from the eyes of another like stalking her, but if he looks away for one second she'd either be mysteriously gone or right in front of his face. But I digress I will make another post with my plot ideas later.

My Number one choice *La Noir*

I personally think we should take on this kind of trailer (could show the bodies of her victims if she's a killer etc) if we just switch some of the scenes with our own I think we could have a great trailer :D

(I completely forgot about this and its right up our alley what a great game)

Or even this one the words would be 'relevant' (with a bit of altering) to the plot ~ I personally like the beginning entrance to the trailer just that starting atmosphere and talk.

So what do you guys think?

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