Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

3D Turnarounds (Non rotating)

Poster ver 1

The second version will have, names and dates at the bottom.

CD Redone

The Street

Unfortunately this file appears to have committed hara kiri to itself, these are the only renders I could get out of it:

Playblast Continuation

A few seconds...

Previz Taxi render

Important notice

Guys as I believe we can at least string together a decent pre-viz (due to the workflow up till now)
can Jonny give me the project files for the animatic so I can start to piece the pre viz scenes together ( and if any other scenes are rendered in time slotted into the piece)
otherwise would someone else like to string them together, updating it as we go along?

If so tell me now please so I can make sure you can get all the files you need, otherwise this may end as messy as it started.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012



(The file confused me, Jonny tell me how you set up the camera in this one cause the office scene is completely still.... unless its suppose to be that way and I just need to move him a little. I look at animatic again.)
(Jono about slowing down/ smoothing the cam I'm sure we can but I'll leave that to jonny we should meet tomorrow and have that sorted)


Here's a test render of the cafe! Of course the Disney street backdrop is just a place holder!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday, 15 January 2012

All Done (Now to do some actual work)

I've had doing these pictures, there is no better reward than being able to pose your characters, but now its time to do some real work >:D

Sammy Completed



Onto animating...

Mave Completed

One More!!!! >:D

Jonny's scenes

We need all the scenes your not working on in the dropbox today.
If there is a problem please let us know.

Vocal report

(If you havent read or comment on the last post definitely do so)

I have all the voice files, unfortunately the girl hasn't yet gotten back to me with her american version.
If it becomes a problem for who ever decides to animate that scene tell me and I'll attempt to record it myself.

Everything is in the dropbox.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Whats your Progress Report

Jonny, I know you said we'd have the prev-viz a few days ago what exactly is happening with that and what was the problem holding you up?

Jono, a little earlier you said you'd be putting your files into the dropbox, is there something wrong?

If either of you can put any of your scenes (Jonny) / finished objects for the scenes (Jono) into the dropbox sunday I can start animating.

Need it as soon as possible

Dorian Completed

Hurrah he's done....
All the blood sweat and tears went to good use!

Two more to go >:O !!!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Dilemma - Damn It

Guys because they don't actually have lower eyelids they only blink with their upper ones, Is this alright or should we take a different root with this?
I'm going to try and make a fake lower lid so bot upper and lower only have to go half way to meet, which should get rid of some excess pulling..

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dorian's Cigar

(Hopefully its not to realistic for the piece, might of been a bit snow blind when I started it) If it is I'll change the colour.

The Office!

Tis done! Here's some comps and some experiments with colours:


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Attempting to resuscitate!

As you saw yesterday, the office was finished, rendered and looking sexy! However...

The Office file has corrupted itself! Yey! Don't worry; each of the individual elements - apart from the walls - was a seperate file that I was referencing. So this simply means re-building the room followed by re-placing the set. Not hard, but a little time consuming. Apologies for this delay! But not much I can do about it!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Revised Script - Xmas feedback of work.

The Woman on Los Feliz_revised Script1

Hey guys. Sorry for the belated upload. My internet access has been poor over the past 3 weeks nevertheless my work has been at the forefront of my mind. The pre-viz is coming along nicely at the current moment with basic environments in place and aniamtion 1/4 complete. Granted if perfecting the pre-viz and we replace phoney sets for the ones designed. we can have the cameras set. leaving the animation of the charaters left to do. Let us know however about that. I am sorry about the upload of the script i thought it was part of the treatment but I was wrong I uploaded it know. I have been working on tutorials and other stuff so give me till the meeting to have everything in place. Text me please from now on instead of facebook because it not working of late i think a virus may be screwing it up. Sorry again looking forward to catch-up.

Jonny Sharples

Friday, 6 January 2012

Character Progress

She's practically done but before I continue I'll make sure all the other characters are at this level.

@ Jonny

Jonny have you made the script yet?

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Texturing Review

Jonno I saw your last uploaded picture (great stuff by the way) But I have to ask what kind of texturing are you planning to do and will it collide with the characters at present?

Bring on Texturing!

After many, many horrible problems, errors, re-dos and re-builds... I now know a lot more about UV-ing, and have the office done! On to texturing, yey!