Tuesday, 17 January 2012


(The file confused me, Jonny tell me how you set up the camera in this one cause the office scene is completely still.... unless its suppose to be that way and I just need to move him a little. I look at animatic again.)
(Jono about slowing down/ smoothing the cam I'm sure we can but I'll leave that to jonny we should meet tomorrow and have that sorted)


  1. Looking good :) Could we make the camera move in the first one slower/smoother?

  2. I'm sure we could, not sure how to go about that really. Tomorrow I'll have Jonny take a look at it.
    But at the moment any playblasted scene is ready for any of your files to go in so if you can plop them on :D

  3. alot of the scenes are still because of the style we're going for. There no need for a lot of movement in the camera's due to it's 1940's style. Plus I wanted short cuts because if it's film noir style

  4. alrighty.
    i'm sure theres a way to smooth both the intro cam and cafe one, if we get tim to render it then i'll get help on them~