Saturday, 7 January 2012

Revised Script - Xmas feedback of work.

The Woman on Los Feliz_revised Script1

Hey guys. Sorry for the belated upload. My internet access has been poor over the past 3 weeks nevertheless my work has been at the forefront of my mind. The pre-viz is coming along nicely at the current moment with basic environments in place and aniamtion 1/4 complete. Granted if perfecting the pre-viz and we replace phoney sets for the ones designed. we can have the cameras set. leaving the animation of the charaters left to do. Let us know however about that. I am sorry about the upload of the script i thought it was part of the treatment but I was wrong I uploaded it know. I have been working on tutorials and other stuff so give me till the meeting to have everything in place. Text me please from now on instead of facebook because it not working of late i think a virus may be screwing it up. Sorry again looking forward to catch-up.

Jonny Sharples

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