Friday, 13 January 2012

Dilemma - Damn It

Guys because they don't actually have lower eyelids they only blink with their upper ones, Is this alright or should we take a different root with this?
I'm going to try and make a fake lower lid so bot upper and lower only have to go half way to meet, which should get rid of some excess pulling..


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  2. Okay, I see your dilemma however, the eyes aren't such a problem. If we look to the cartoons such as Tin Tin. It shows them with no lower lid and still have the ability to shut the eyes. In retrospect we therefore it will be okay with the the animation you presented in the photos. However could we thicken that top line so when the eye shuts we see a straight line,Like in many a cartoon?


  3. As in make the upper Line Flat/Straight?
    I was trying but you could see the eyeball when it was done.

    I make be able to achive that with blendshapes.
    I'll try that now.