Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Plot lines I have though about

These are ideas which are not complete however parts of them can be used or even worked upon in the future.

1. Pictures were taken of this mysterious woman that always seems to be seen at the scene of 'a' crime, but no one knows who she is.
Blurred pictures of her in the background of various crime scene investigations (her standing behind yellow tape amongst other civilians which could all be in silhouette except her )
The woman went missing on such and such day, people are now looking for her but they only find people that reassemble her frequently but can never get close enough to talk to her.

2. Based of the real murder in Los Feliz, the couple murder in this piece also had a young child who managed to survive the horrific attack by hiding behind the sofa. The killer left "something" behind/she got a glimpse of his face and since that day she's been looking for who killed her parents.

She became a femme fatal. learned of the henchmen who followed her parents killers and one by one lures them in close enough to trap them and forces them to tell the location of their boss.
The first few are loyal and spill no information so they get killed. She tends to dress up to get in close to each henchmen regarding on their favourite kind of woman, which she has on file after observing them for a few years.

as she goes up the henchmen ladder so does her style of killing, one by gun, the other by poison in the drink, or a poisonous kiss.

she finally finds the where about of the killer but realises she can not just run in and try to assassinate him she wanted him to suffer and to do so she would need to get close to him. He frequented a cafe, so she got a job as a waitress and flirted with him until he began to take her out. Once tricking him into relaxing his guard and allowing himself to be handcuffed she digs a small blade into his side and forces him to remember who he killed on such and such day and where (possibly the same exact day and place of the actual murder).

Once she feels she can finally let go of her pain, she kills him.

3. (This is just a written storyboard for a trailer version)

"There were sightings of a mysterious woman seen with the victims a day before they killed.

          [Polaroids slide onto the screen]

"The only guy to survive said it was something in her eyes. we haven't seen him since." 

 [while the speech above is said, first person view - peeking at her walking down the street ]

{after speech}

* recreated photo of the actual murder appears on screen with the guy they had spoken to*

"Beauty that can stop the sun, and eyes that can melt a man's heart, could she really be"

{While scene above is rolling}

[first person camera follows her into a cafe / hotel (somewhere with seats) as she's about to turn around he /we sit down and promptly put a newspaper in front of him/us.]

[pauses for a bit]

says "Could she really be"

[As he begins lowering the paper we see her bent over the table, staring into his/our eyes and smiles]


Personally I like bits of 2 and 2 or even number twos plots with number threes storyboard~

What do you guys think?


  1. Personally I feel the 'revenge' plot is a little cliche, but certainly a starting point. Looking at the classic noir plots, of the protagonists are subject to revenge, rather than seeking it, or discovering the truth as a form of revenge, rather than dishing it out. Noir plots are about the fatalism of the main character, the 'star-crossed' nature of their lives, pre-destined to end in tragedy.

  2. hmm, I see your point.

    After today's talk I think we have a good starting point now (however I agree, we should not try to get to attached in casse it gets changed again)