Tuesday, 1 November 2011

UPDATE - Jono's Daylies 31/10/11 - 01/11/11

This post will contain the combined work of yesterday and today.

At the moment I'm focusing on Dorian's Office, since it's the most personal of the sets. It has to be the most cliche, typifying noir detectives office possible; slit blinds, solid desk, drinks and mess.

Here are a few sources of inspiration:

The style is drawn from Lyn-Dae work, bold lines and forms with finer detail within. Dorian imagines himself as a straight, upright figure of the law, as such his office reflects that, being full of square, straight shapes and lines. However, the concentric shapes and mess show flaws and cracks within this vision.

Another view of Dorian's office...

1 comment:

  1. I love it!

    I Still have no complaints just one sidenote (which I forgot to mention earlier), you did point out the bold lines containing thinner details within, in mimicking my line style you will have to have thicker lines on the outside of all of the seperate objects.

    The lines you've used right now are good for the inside (detailed bits) though.
    But other than that it fits them perfectly :D