Wednesday, 2 November 2011

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Anything else you need Dae?

What If...

...a flawed detective shattered his own imagined, idealist world by allowing his muse to be murdered due to his own corrupt negligence.

Choice of Genre and Approach

  • Inspired by our postmodern lectures, we wanted to create a self-reflexive piece, something to explore the idea of metafiction with in film.
  • Choosing the 'Film Noir' genre gave us a set of already well established preconceptions and stereotypes to be deconstructed.
  • Having our protagonist as a flawed detective who aspires to be like the 1940s classic hard-boiled detectives allowed us to create a character who was a once both self-aware and utterly deluded.
  • Taking a 'one foot in the past, one foot in the future' approach meant we could criticise the superfluous nature of today's culture, defined by individuals. What if an individual defined his world based on an obsession with the 'ideal' past, blind to his own corrupt morals.

Trailer Synopsis

  • While at work, Detective Dorian Dayle sees Mave, a beautiful and mysteriouswoman, cross the street.
  • Then while at a cafĂ©, Dorian sees her once again, walking past the window.
  • STATIC SHOT – Mave’s face, beaten and bleeding – STATIC
  • While catching a cab in the rain, Dorian bumps into Mave, who asks to sharehis cab. He happily obliges.
  • As Dorian and Mave are talking, their cab suddenly screeches to a halt. Thedriver, Sammy, knocks Dorian out cold and abducts Mave.
  • Coming to, Dorian finds the driver and Mave gone. He sets out to find her.
  • STATIC SHOT – A bloodied room, with Mave's body crumpled on the floor – STATIC
  • Dorian accosts Sammy in an alley way and discovers the location of Mave.
  • Mave is discovered. As Dorian struggles to free her, the signal appears to begin to break up.
  • It is exposed that the audience have been watching a trailer on tv, that the real Dorian is watching.
  • He is rung by Sammy, and confirms a deal to allow their crime to go ahead.

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  1. Never heard my name abriviated like that before X3
    Thats all I need thanks, Just need Jonny's storyboard and your finished concepts