Sunday, 30 October 2011

Art Direction

I was looking at one of the blacksad pictures along with one from an artist on DA called Cleyf, and I was interested in the kind of colouring they used and I realised its watercolour!

So I've downloaded a couple of watercolour brushes

Along with various watercolour textures to make a good background. If this works the characters and environment would have to be done in this manner.

These are the Backgrounds I've made for the art Direction style, I've also used it in my latest Profile picture (of which more are to come very soon)

Ver 1

Ver 2
 These are the original photos I used so you can make your own textures form these as well which will definitely fit with how the chars are drawn/coloured.


  1. Very nice idea. Just remember, every style choice has got to have a reason 'why', not just because it looks nice. What does this say about our characters and their world?

  2. Right I see your point.

    My reason for using this style is because watercolour, especially in brown, makes an interesting sepia texture (sepia being synonymous with the 40's) The strokes water colour gives make it seem dream like which is perfect for our plot.

    Gives it that strong yet faded look which can also relate to Dorian, his dreams are strong but trying to hold on to that ideal without being good himself is a fading dream which is also represented in the way our plot plays out.

  3. Cool, it's just great to here the thought behind the idea, means we avoid cliche and naivity.