Sunday, 30 October 2011

Daily Post Sammy Sketchs

I personally like the middle face for sammy

I was experimenting with lanky poses I got it on the lower right picture I think. Bottom right Andi tried to help me with such poses she also told me to look at Jasper and Horice as good lanky villains. 

the shooting pose and the one at the upper left corner are my favourite mainly because it shows his cocky personality.


  1. Love the face with the big nose, says Italian gangster. Also love the last pose, bottom right last image. His outfit is looking a little to similar to Dorian's though don't you think?

    (P.S. My dailies will be up when I get home tonight from my parent's!)

  2. Yeah I noticed the outfit simularity I was looking at Jonny's influence map for Gangs and the Zoot suit was a great idea that mixed in with a mafia gangster.

    I think I'll look into zoot suits further and i'll try a few variations of him with and without a hat and a longer/ shorter coat to try and make the detective and gangster look different.