Thursday, 27 October 2011

*Pitch Talk with Alan*

After our pitch I was confused about what Alan had meant about disliking the style so I went to speak shortly after.

Alan explained to me that he was talking about the Environment compared to the Characters created they didn't look like they could fit.

He said Dorian and Mave in the last picture together look better suited as Dorian looks like graphic Novel  style and Mave looked more Olive Oil.

He said he really liked our final design for our characters

The only thing he wants me to do is shorten her neck, widen her waist then they would look perfect if I keep drawing them like this.

He noted that the rules I use to make the characters need to be transfered to their enviroment, car, cafe etc. That way the environment will fit in with the characters.  (which included having things like her "floating beads" on tables and chairs" and cars can have little beads/ circles).

So Good news is characters are good in that Graphic Novel style. Just need to make environment match them. 

After knowing that everything is ok (with a cpl of tweaking) I feel confident that this is going to go much better.

I will talk to you guys about this the next time I see you but personally I would like to know:

- How you Jonno would feel about doing The environment in this style "Graphic Novel ish)
- How would you Jonny feel about doing the majority of the written work/ modelling the sets? 
- And Jonno modelling chars (with me)/ The taxi/building

I had a great idea after talking to my dad which may beable to fill in the blanks that were there at the pitch. so I may have the basics up by tomorrow!

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