Friday, 21 October 2011

Art inspiration

love it

great shadow

I love this style


  1. Where's your wonderfully simple, iconic style gone? :( The doll-like minimalism that you captured so well with the dame? This is becoming something more disney/DC/marvel inspired, not at all the fluid, simplistic yet expressive look we got excited about on Thurs :(

  2. Interesting but I have to agree with Jonno. Unless this is completely research into style of dt we looking for. I see what simplistic style I can find and slam then up for you.

  3. I see what you two mean, I picked them for their style maybe more so to help create Dorian..
    I would like to see your examples anyway Jonny.

    P.s. I wasn't intending on changing the style guys when I was looking for noir skecthes to help inspire me with Dorian this came up and I thought each had a little something I could put into the chars (the gangsta and Dorian) especially for the lighting you were telling me about jonno, I think the 2nd one captured the use of noir lighting for me.

  4. That exactly what I thought you where doing. No problems then and good find. Looking forward to the conclusion your mave character looks great