Monday, 17 October 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer

0:07 – 0:08

The trailer starts immediately by showing an error in a tape as it fuzzes into the film – enticing the fact the new edition is exactly like its predecessor in the Paranormal genre.

0:09 – 0:15

The clips shows to kids playing outside on a summers day and only hints at the time period via the classic ‘Date and Time’ located in the lower right-hand corner. This specifies that the film is before the other two and is the prequel to the film.

0:16 – 0:20

The clip show Katie (Paranormal Activity) as a child which is verified by the narrator (presumed father) as he ask her to smile for the camera. The clip then switches immediately to an overlap of the first film at the end when Katie is possessed by the demon. The editing making the clip appears overriding the original 1988 footage of them as children. In result we engage that the film is looking at the back story to the first film.

0:21 – 0:27

Like the footage of Katie’s it show the narrator getting Kristi (Paranormal Activity 2) to look at the camera then cut to one of the scenes in the previous film as she being pulled through the house. Validating the fact the film looks at the prequel to their inevitable fates.

0:28 – 0:33

The film ends up showing a single shot of the two girls being happy and enjoying themselves before fading and using an echo on the sound to really instil fear into it view. The transition also implies that it is indeed the end of the happiness

0:34 – 0:35

Is a transition with the month when the film will come out; thus informing the viewer of the date but also separating the past from the presents as the trailer continues to explain the movie further.

0:36 – 0:39

The clip plays on the two previous ventures. Starting with the clip looking at the iconic picture of Katie, notorious for it burn marks around the photograph. The clip is then followed by the two sisters hugging each other in the 2nd paranormal activity. This then becomes obvious as key element in the third; with their relationship and the photo having to play a part in the demons game. To convey this further one of the sister is overheard saying that doesn’t she doesn’t remember anything suggesting the childhood memories are blocked and that the film will enlighten the audience on the others.

0:40 – 0:41

Amplifies they ideology by using the single word ‘Discover’

0:41 – 0:42

The clip looks at another fond memory of their childhood. Before transitioning again using the whites noise to another title seen

0:43 – 0:44

The follow on from the last transition ‘the secret’ state the obvious again suggest the activity with the first two will be revealed via the last one.

0:45 – 0:46

Following on the trailer displays previous scene from its predecessors again pointing out notable comments which will be revealed. In the first short clip it shows Katie exclaiming ‘whatever it was it thrived on fear’ followed by a shot of them lighting candles when they where young invite the audience to speculate on the significance and then cuts immediately to Kristi looking shockingly at something.

0:47 – 0:48

Another transition completes the sentence with ‘behind the activity’. Validating the implication of the film motive to enlighten the viewer on why the Paranormal Activity happened.

0:49 – 0: 51

The clip shown during this period identifies with the ending to ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ and into the story concerning Kristi baby boy ‘Hunter’ as Katie (possessed by the demon like in the first one) kills her sister and takes her child. The clip after show tries o play dramatic irony as the girl sit harmlessly together oblivious to what will happen. Following this however the transition similar to “error in tape” cuts displays and image which unwatchable unless slowed but instils fear. To compliment this, one of the girls comment on the happening by narrating ‘The more we paid attention to it the worst it got’. Subtly implying, that the film will be scarier than it predecessors.

0:54 – 1:03

The film has a 3 second gap before transitioning to a presumed clip in film. This then sees young Katie turn on the camera and turn towards the mirror with Kristi being to her right. This inevitably begins the irritation of being ready to be scared by the clip.

1:04 – 1:11

Katie turns of the lights and leaves only the red record light from the camera light leaving the audience on edge. The characters then begin chanting ‘Bloody Mary’ three times again agitating the audience and instilling fear.

1:11 – 1:14

The film remains quiet after they chant and brings even more tension which amplifies by Kristi exclaiming ‘I’m scared’. Not to mention subtle using a monotone base to attract a psychological emotion that something is about to take place.

1:15 – 1:18

The shocker. Katie screams and flashes the torch. Terrifying Kristi and in result the audience. However the audience is reassured when the light shines on Kristi and they appear safe. The audience at this point are misleading into relaxing about the trailer.

1:19 – 1:23

The double shocker. The happy natured girls leave with Kristi being slightly annoyed at her sister as she opens the door a shady figure appears in the mirror which appears remains stills. This ploy already startles the audience but increases as the figure remains staring at the mirror with no facial features in turn adding to the horror.

1:24 – 1:32

Finally the fade out and into the title scene which uses the film overlapping video edit before fading into title sequence keeping the tone of the trailer quiet dark.

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