Sunday, 30 October 2011

Daylies - 30/10/11 - Jonathan

Here's my sketches from Sunday. These are more of a creative dump, trying to get cliche and things out of my head. I'm at a thumbnail stage at the moment, but today I plan to try and take these forward into some more detailed sketches.

Following the idea behind the character design, The buildings are defined as basic shapes, with solid, uncomplicated outlines. Within these shapes though, thinner lines begin to pick out detail and form. There's a lot to play with in terms of themes, to reflect the idea of flawed perfection or reality within reality. Since this is a fictional world created by him, it is a cliche, naive creation of a noir world, a ideal one. Detail within detail can represent the idea of worlds within worlds, and the over stylization can point to the ficticious nature of the environment.

Also, Jonny, sorry to sound a bit harsh, but that logo development is hardly 'thorough'... here's the same thing made in 10 mins:

It's some font, with some colour, with a lens flare... A logo needs to be a typifying, solid image that captures our studio.


  1. Np, I like your Idea of just using one post to refill with new work. (unless that wasn't what you were going for).
    Looking forward to seeing your posts~

  2. Even though you said you make them more detailed later on I like the simplicity and it suits (especially for how simple the characters came out) if you go to detailed it won't fit again.

    I absolutely love the lamppost it looks exactly like his cowlick/hair!

    In terms of thumbnail designs for the office itself, nice simple and the objects look as though they'd fit right now.

    I know the black and white picture of an angle is just your wip but if possible use colours from the Blacksad comic book those kind of saturated brown tinted(coloured colours) would fit great (especially if use a little water colour texture overlay which just gives it a bit more detail without adding much)

  3. I've begun to explore the office in more detail, seeing as it's a good place to start. I certainly agree with your comments.

    I'll also begin exploring using sepia-tone, but I certainly feel we need to keep it in mono-chrome.

  4. Couldn't agree more with the monochrome thing.

  5. I take you critism on board matey. I was looking to get a burst of colour from behind. which is present in my design but doesn't appear bright enough. I could job you pointed it out I'l' try to get i bright and make it look like and out burst of colour.