Thursday, 13 October 2011

Detective Doodles!

Here are some of my initial design thoughts for our detective! The style I've gone for doesn't have to be what we're going for, it's just the easiest for me to visualise in.

Our Detective is a somewhat deluded chap. In head he wants to be brave, ruggard, strong and determined... in reality he is somewhat  cowardly, depressed and overwhelmed by the world. He survives by bribing, dealing and turning a blind eye. The hunched shoulders and overweight physique offer up a sense of vulnerability, and the tipped hat and trench-coat lose all sense of coolness, becoming rather pitiful.

However, he envisions himself as a hero of damsels in distress and a persecutor of the wicked. He is stalwart, strong and uncorruptable, a paragon of honour and the law.

Any thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. I have to say I have no complaints.
    I like the idea of him being chunky in real life compared to his ideal self.

    However does this mean we'd have two models of And although there isn't a particular style is the Detective?

    there any reason why we couldn't go for this simplistic style (minus the face since I'm sure we'll have facial features later on)