Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dame Turnaround: Mave Main Idea

I really like this for her right now, the lower duplicate is the plumper of the two~


  1. These are looking great. It would be nice however to see some less resolved thumbnails, so we explore basic shapes etc; she has no overall shape and the anatomy is slightly off. I love where it's going, but I think we need some more exploratory work :)

  2. Oops! Very sorry! My browser didn't load your images below! I didn't see all your tumbnail work, they look brill. I especially agree with the inspiration of Jessica Rabbit, but perhaps find someone a little more innocent, angelic?

  3. Hmm, angelic... ok I'll take a look.

    Your right her anatomy is off because I used an exaggerated method (variation on circle size) to get her important features to stand out more and make her abit more memorable. i.e. long (lower) legs, tiny waist, wide chest~

    (I'll try a few more varied sketches with angelic in mind)

    With that in mind do you still think we should aim for normal or more like Belleville?