Monday, 17 October 2011

The Avenger Trailer Timeline

0:06 – 0:10
Pans across a metropolis, the feature will be based in a large city similar to that of New York.

0:11 - 0:14
The clip shows the city in turmoil. The citizen look scared or startled followed by a clip moving on to car being set alight suggesting an attack on the city.

0:15 – 0:18
Army (National guard) and local PD appear to be fighting an unknown force presumably bigger than them as they appear to be pointing their guns upwards. The clip is therefore hinting at an enemy which is bigger than a regular human - or even someone who has the ability to fly.

0:19 – 0:24
Clips displays a squad (S.H.E.I.L.D presumably) close in on figure. Stern facial expression and clip of figure (Loki) attack suggest main antagonist for the feature. The Dialogue appears to suggest as well the plot as it states ‘In the will be every man from themselves’; implicating, the villain’s plans to divide humanity.

0:25 – 0:29
Validates the city is in trouble. Rubble can be seen along the sidewalks, citizens are running and cars exploding in a domino effect. The choice of placing the clip, after the presumed antagonist; relays back to the audience as a corroborate overview of the character (Loki) is without doubt the Villain in the film.

0:29 – 0:31
Displays the a building with fleets of people running from it as a helicopter lands. The clip in this term suggests a team mobilising. Alongside this is armoured vehicles and armed guard (possibly S.W.A.T to validate the action.

0:32 – 0:35
Man stands waiting for helicopter to land whilst dialogue says ‘What will we do?’ The clip changes to Samuel Jackson appearing from the Helicopter; implying his character is of high importance and a solution to the problems shown early in the trailer. The final image is of him answering the previous question which is ‘We’ll get ready’. This clip tries hooking the audience as it plague the mind of what are they trying to get ready.

0:36 – 0:40
Shows clip of the makers of the movie - Marvel (Creators) and Paramount (Production and distribution).

0:41 – 0:42
The clip implies a secret base, as a man (in suited attire – possible government agent) uses finger scanner to enter.

 0:43 – 0:45
Clip displays 3 people walking through a high tech facility they appear to be wearing normal clothing. Convey they aren’t government agents and have been gathered. Following clips shows a man walking into a room with armour inside. We get a first look at the face of one of the protagonist and with the armour we gather the character is Captain America/ Cpt. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) which is titled underneath the armour.

0:46 – 0:57
Shows a combination of action shot with other character in relevance to a team being assembled. These characters seem to be portrayed as protagonists to the feature, as the voiceover suggest the just that. In essence Samuel Jackson (Nick Fury) states ‘There was an bring together...a group of remarkable when we needed them...they could fight the battles...that we never could’ the clip finishes with Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) suggesting a possible big part for his character as well as being the start of the film.

0:58 – 1:02
Next is a clip of the famous Iron man suit and it is followed by it in action, flying through the cityscape; solidifying his importance to the film.

1:03 – 1:05
The penny drops as the characters appear together in uniform showing snippets of them together. Suggesting the team has been assembled.

1:06 – 1:09
Shows images of the singular main protagonist in action – Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man – this providing the notion that they have individual a task to complete for themselves which is validated by a snippet of Nick Fury dialogue ‘Gentlemen...What Are You Prepared to Do?’; implying pushing their morals or challenging their beliefs.

1:10 – 1:18
The following clip shows a dispute between two of the main protagonist in the film. Suggesting the possibility the team is not stereotypical but very unorthodox implying issue within the team could affect the story. Moreover the conversation shows added humour to the film after the comment from Captain America to Iron man when he say ‘Big man when in a suit of armour...take that away what are you?’ In turn sparks the response ‘a genius, billionaire, philanthropist’ from iron man; setting off Thor laughing.

1:18 – 1:26
A clip displays the team in action in different fighting scene displaying the film as an action packed feature.

1:25 – 1:26
Advertise when the film will premiere also dividing the action.

1:27 -1:30
The following image shows Captain America in trouble, evidently suggesting him as going rogue and trying to win the battles on his own. Fighting his own team mate – Thor – then being launched out of a building by the main antagonist – Loki.

1:31 – 1:35
Shows what appear to be elements of one of the main battles between two protagonists – Captain America and Thor – against antagonist – Loki.

1:35 – 1:42
The clips has the voiceover from Iron Man saying ‘If we can’t protect earth...we can definitely avenge it’ followed by an action sequence of iron man. This inevitable makes the audience understand what movie is about.

1:43 – 1:48
Voiceover displays the final title sequence and the name of the film solidifying the comment previously.

1:49 – 2:00
The final hook a single clip displays comedy alongside the revealing of a fourth protagonist whom doesn’t really get air time from the rest. This is no doubt because it tries to hook in viewer by a surprise guest which in this case is the Hulk.

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