Monday, 3 October 2011

Character Research

I will post my original Scribd format however Scribd does appear to be acting up again so I'll post at the bottom what is missing in the page above~

The Woman on Los Feliz Bio Page 2: Possible names; Dell – Shadow on the wall
                                       Edwina - Fingers on the wall
                                       Velma = I died a thousand times


 [Name] Was born on the 11th of September 1926. At the age of 19 she was snapped up by the world of modeling, she became the most loved model. A respected viewer of her photographs suggested she try the world of the film, they believed her beauty would take her far, and it did. She became a hit; many said that it was because of her sexy yet dangerous charm others because of her class, elegance and dash of vulnerability. Most would go as far to say: she was the most perfect woman of all time to have ever graced the streets of Los Feliz. She had a role in almost every movie that came out, posters of her around every corner, everyone new her name, women wanted to be like her and men wanted to have her, known as Los Feliz’s sweet heart she became the most well loved woman on Los Feliz.

 House of Residence:

 [Name] Lives on 4517 Dundee Drive, Los Feliz CA 90027. The house is described as “one of the finest architecturally significant streets in Los Feliz”.

 Fashion: [Name’s] fashion was based around corset dresses; her outfits gave her the much sought after hourglass figure. Always wore voluminous fur coats and brooches.

Shape: broad shoulder jackets (very masculine/independent) Floral motifs and small floral all-over-prints/ narrow vertical pin stripes (= order and control)

Style: Shoulder length hair, long sleeved coats for masculinity, hand bags and gloves compulsory Hats: Small at the back of the head *Film Noir Name finder:

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